Gritty’s Freeport Brew Pub & Restaurant – Curbside Take-out, Jell-O Shots & $10 Growler Ale Refills

Hey everyone! We appreciate all your support SO much, and we’re thrilled to continue serving you – our community – more Gritty’s goodies! We’ve added a few more items to our menu so check them out here or at, then call 865-4321 to order! We’ll be open from 12-7pm and we’re happy to say we’re officially open all week except Mondays! And remember – fresh growler fills are ONLY $10!

Now giving away two Jell-O shots with each growler exchange! 🌟 Bring back one, two, or freakin’ 15 growlers and we’ll give you two shots of this deliciously gelatinous spirit for each one! While you’re at the pub, we can fill a new growler (or several) for ya if you’d like for only $12 (or $10 for Mug Club Members)!

We hope to see you soon!



Gritty’s Freeport Brew Pub & Restaurant
187 Lower Main St, Freeport
(207) 865-4321


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