Freeport Fall Festival Fast Track Registration

2024 Fast Track Registrations are accepted only from returning vendors in good standing who have been invited directly.

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If you are looking for the standard Freeport Fall Festival application for new applicants or those not eligible for Fast Track, please visit this page.

2024 Festival Dates & Times:

  • Friday, October 4 from 12 – 6 PM
  • Saturday, October 5 from 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Sunday, October 6 from 10 AM – 4 PM


Rules & Regulations

Visit Freeport’s 25th Annual Freeport Fall Festival Rules and Regulations

Before submitting a Fast Track Registration please review the rules & regulations outlined below. If you cannot meet ALL of the conditions or expectations here, please do not register.

After the last three Freeport Fall Festivals, a majority of exhibitors participated in a detailed, anonymous survey to collect data about their sales and their opinions about the Freeport Fall Festival. The printable reports are available to download below.

2024 Booth Fees:

  • L.L.Bean: $275
  • Mallard Parking Lot: $175
  • Other Locations TBD: $150

Please do not send payment until you have been accepted into the show. Once accepted, you will receive payment instructions. 

Any questions about the application process or being a vendor at Freeport Fall Festival may be emailed to [email protected] 



  • Fast Track Registrations skip the jury process. Once you submit the form, a space is guaranteed for you in the 2024 Festival.
  • Deadline to use the Fast Track Registration process is December 31, 2023. Your space is only guaranteed if you register BEFORE we process the jury and accept new applicants.
  • You may only display and sell products representative of those in your previous application materials. If you business changes substantially, you may be required to reapply. Email Margaret directly with any concerns. 
  • All Fast Track registrants receive an email when their application is submitted. If you have not received an email, please check your Spam filter and then check with us!


  • Each booth is 12′ x 12′. You may have neighbors on three sides. The maps in the Festival brochure are not to scale and are provided to give you a general idea of positioning.
  • 10′ x 10′ tents are required for all exhibitors with the exception of food trucks or trailers (see below.)
  • A limited number of double spaces are available. You must request a double space at the time of registration.
  • Make any special location requests on your Fast Track Registration. This includes being located near a friend, in a specific site, double booths, not near a loud music, etc. These can not be guaranteed but if submitted on the registration we will make every effort to accomodate your needs.
  • The Freeport Fall Festival is a rain or shine event. You must be prepared to exhibit all three days regardless of the weather. 
  • Festival locations and booth layouts are expected to be impacted by extensive renovations on the L.L.Bean campus. In addition, some properties are changing hands and may open up new opportunities. Final locations will not be available until after the jury process for new applicants. For 2024, we are working towards a maximum of 200 artists & makers regardless of the number of sites used.
  • Your general booth location will be confirmed in January. Specific booth assignments will not be confirmed until after the June 1 payment deadline. 
  • Vendors assigned to booth spaces at L.L.Bean will be required to have white tents.
  • The Town of Freeport requires that all tents have a fireproof rating. Most have a small tag stating they comply with CA fire codes. 
  • All exhibitors must have sturdy, straight legged, professional tents. Shade structures and casual backyard tents are not sufficient for a three day outdoor festival. Your tent is the most important tool for those doing outdoor events and should be a major investment for your business.
  • Tent stakes are not permitted in any location.
  • Each corner of your tent must be secured by a tent weight weighing no less than 40 pounds. Professional tent weights are required for all tents for the safety of visitors/consumers, your neighboring exhibitors’ tents & products, as well as you and your products. Milk jugs, concrete blocks, and stones are not permitted. We love this guide from the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance. It’s full of tips and hints about making your own weights and properly securing your weights. 
  • If a Festival representative finds that your tent is not secured appropriately you may be required to set-up and break down daily or to leave the show entirely. No refunds for anyone unprepared or underprepared. 
  • Your name or business name and emergency contact phone number must be legibly displayed on the front exterior of your tent. It must be either written directly on the tent fabric or attached a label securely in the event your tent is damaged during the overnight hours.
  • Electricity is very limited and must be requested at the time of application. You will be notified directly if you have been assigned a space with access to an outlet. Each vendor with electrical service is limited to no more than 15 amps. No additional accommodations are available. New technology means that battery operated lights and those which can run off power packs are now widely available and more affordable than ever before. Only whisper quiet generators are permitted. 


  • All exhibitors must attend all three days of the Festival. 
  • The show will be held 10/4/24 – 10/6/24 unless severe weather (heavy rains, high winds, thunderstorms, etc) is predicted. The show may then be moved to the nicer two of the three days, dependent upon forecast. On Thursday, October 3, the weather call will be made in the early a.m. and all participants will be notified of any change. No refunds are provided for inclement weather.
  • Artist/maker or an agent of the artist/maker must attend exhibit space at all times. Event staff and volunteers try to provide coverage for restroom breaks, but this is not always possible.  
  • There is no central location for trash, so please be prepared to pack out everything you bring in.
  • Public WiFi is not readily available and cellular coverage varies greatly by carrier and location within Freeport. We recommend that you bring any devices to your exact booth location in advance to test your signal strength and reliability.
  • Visit Freeport contracts with a private company to provide overnight security at each Festival location on both Friday and Saturday night. For peace of mind, we recommend taking any valuable or sentimental items with you when you leave each day. Visit Freeport, L.L.Bean, Freeport Village Station, Town of Freeport, and other property owners are not responsible for any theft or damage.
  • Unless issued a parking waiver (ADA hang tag holders, self-driving food trucks, other approved reason) all exhibitors will be required to park offsite during all three days of the Festival. A free shuttle is provided. Details will be provided with your booth assignment.
  • The consumption of alcohol and the use of illegal drugs is not permitted in any of the show areas. Smoking and vaping is also not permitted within the show sites. If you must smoke or vape please exit the show area and allow at least 20 feet from any nearby business.


  • Please do not send payment until you receive payment instructions in January of 2024.
  • DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT: In order to ensure an accurate event brochure, the deadline for payment will be June 1, 2024. If payment has not been received by this date, your space will be forfeited to a person on the waiting list.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • If you must cancel after paying for your space but before the payment deadline of June 1, 2024, Visit Freeport will refund your booth fee minus a $25 processing fee.
    • No refunds after June 1, 2024.
  • Refunds are not issued to artists not satisfied with location or sales.
  • No refunds are provided for inclement weather. There is no rain date for the Festival.
  • Vendor Insurance Coverage: All vendors participating in the Freeport Fall Festival are required to have insurance coverage no less than $1M and must supply a copy of their Certificate of Insurance in advance of the festival. Vendors on the L.L.Bean campus are required to have $2M in coverage. For inexpensive, per-event event coverage, please visit
  • In the event that there is guidance from the State of Maine and CDC regarding SPECIAL EVENTS AND FESTIVALS and any infectious disease, any recommendations or requirements in effect at the time of the Festival will be enforced by Visit Freeport. This includes, but is not limited to, masking for participants and vendors, hand sanitizer stations, social distancing, etc.


  • For most exhibitors, set-up time begins at 8am on Friday (10/4) and ends at 11:30am. Vendors assigned to the L.L.Bean campus may set-up tents and display fixtures ONLY on Thursday (10/3) afternoon from 4pm – 6pm. You will receive information about when you may load-in with your booth assignment.
  • Breakdown on Sunday is to begin no earlier than 4:00pm – those who break down earlier will not be allowed back. 


  • Preference is given to Maine food producers.
  • In the case of food trucks or trailers, one of the three photos required with your application must be the exterior of your vehicle.
  • Vendors selling foods to be consumed at the festival and located at L.L.Bean will be required to sign and return a food safety agreement supplied by L.L.Bean.
  • A limited number of food trucks & trailers are accepted into the show each year. Owners of these businesses should make themselves familiar with the additional permits required by the Town of Freeport. Visit Freeport staff will assist with the application process but all additional fees and permitting are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Food trucks & trailers must be self-contained and use only whisper-quiet generators. Your vehicle’s engine must be turned off during the event. Power is not available for Food trucks or trailers.
  • Trailers must be dropped in their assigned location and the towing vehicle parked outside of the event area.
  • Food trucks & trailers are required by Town of Freeport Ordinances to provide a trash bin, bags and a recycling bin. Please plan to pack out everything you bring in.

Freeport Fall Festival Fast Track Registration

  • You may use this field to make any location requests up to, and including, a specific booth number. Requests are not guaranteed. i.e. "Next to, near, corner, double booth, etc"
  • Keep in mind that outlets are extremely limited and are only available to less than two dozen of the more than 200 booths total booths at the Freeport Fall Festival. You will be contacted directly should you be assigned a booth that has access to an outlet. There is no additional fee for power but you must supply your own extension cord.


What to expect after Fast Track Registration. 

You will receive an email notification when your registration has been submitted. If you do not receive an email notification, check your spam filter. If you still can’t locate it, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible to confirm receipt.

In January, you’ll receive an email confirming your booth’s general location and payment instructions. If you decide to not return, please let me know so I can adjust the number of available booths we have for new applicants.

Questions? Contact Margaret at 207-865-1212 or via email


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