Ancestral French Soaps

We started making soaps 8 years ago to fund a circus summer camp for one of our daughters. She made the soaps with me and sold them at holiday fairs and farmers markets. A couple of years later, she passed it on to my youngest daughter who was very happy taking over the soap making activities.

We uprooted from New York and moved to Maine in 2015. Here, we had to decide what we would do with the soap business: keep it or let it go… You know the answer and with the change came the exuberant creativity!

In addition to deciding to keep the business, we decided to bring it to the next level of integrity and purity. We researched a lot about soap making and took a special interest in recipes from the Mediterranean. We knew we wanted to use only 100% olive oil as our base because using organic and native ingredients brings us closer to the old recipes we found. These straightforward recipes  made hearts joy-jump and fit our values of respecting the planet, while pursuing holistic health. Making soap is a way for us to express our values and offer an everyday essential that is effective, healthier, and cleaner than a majority of what is on the market today.

We want to show the way to a post-recycling lifestyle with the modernized old way to clean our world!


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