Ashlyn Bard

Friday, October 6 & Sunday, October 8, on the NEW Second Stage in the Mallard Parking Lot 

Catch Ashlyn on the Second Stage for impromptu performances throughout the day. Stop by to meet him anytime during Festival hours. 

Ashlyn is a seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter based in Maine. He write songs as a form of self-therapy but also likes to share them with others who may connect to them. He has been fascinated with music his whole life and love the way it makes him feel.

Ash started out as a drummer when he was younger but eventually expanded his horizons with other instruments such as guitar, banjo and electric bass. Ashlyn can’t remember a time when he wasn’t fascinated with songwriting. He experimented with it when he was young and found a natural passion for it. He came back to songwriting years later when he gained new knowledge and music theory.

Ashlyn produces, mixes, and masters all of his songs from the comfort of his bedroom studio. He has released an several singles and an 8 song album. His first song, Funny Caring and Weird reached a local audience and helped him build a small following. Then he released Isolate and once the new year hit, he came out with The Stars. As a newcomer in a small town it is hard to get noticed. Ashlyn is very appreciative of any and all supporters he gains along the way.


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