Brendan Roddy Art

I come from a very creative and expressive family and making art has always been something that I have been encouraged to pursue.  I would draw with my aunt, craft with my mother, learn about photography from my father, and always loved working with my hands. I got my BFA in 3D Design with a concentration in Ceramics at Salisbury University in Maryland and went on to get my Masters of Art in Teaching: Art Education from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  I currently teach Fine Art at the Middle School of the Kennebunks in Kennebunk, Maine and produce work at Chases Garage: Artists Studios & Gallery in York, Maine. 

I am greatly inspired by all things water and ocean related. Being new to coastal Maine, I find the shape of shells, the crashing of waves, the flowing of water, and oceanic life both beautiful and organic.  I strive to interpret these forms and gestural lines in my ceramic sculptures and pottery.  As I have continued working on pieces, I also have noticed that some of the sculptural work take on sensual, humanistic forms. I enjoy working with texture and highlighting those textures with simple glazes and underglazes. When creating hand-built or wheel thrown work, I find myself lost in the feel of clay. I love following flowing edges and contours and appreciate the raw nature of the material. I want clay to work with me and have the material itself tell me where to go and what to create next.

Contact: [email protected]



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