Charlotte Morris

Saturday, October 5 from 1:30 – 2:45 pm, L.L.Bean Discovery Park Stage

Charlotte Morris is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, whose autobiographical music weaves together a unique blend of Americana, Folk, Jazz, and more. Her soaring vocals and keen songwriting, often compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Liz Longley, Eva Cassidy, and Ira Wolf, create an intimate and vulnerable listening experience. When you see Charlotte live, it’s like having a deep conversation with an old friend – personal, authentic, and familiar – and almost always with a few laughs and a few tears.

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Charlotte discovered her love for music early on, taking up multiple instruments starting at age 4, and embracing songwriting by age 12. Influenced by female artists like Brandi Carlile, Judy Collins, and Sara Bareilles, she joined the Lonesome Traveler folk tour in 2018, touring alongside Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey, George Grove, and more. Since then, Charlotte has released various singles and EPs, including “To New York, with Love” and “Sputnik,” [produced by Grammy winner, Mitch Dane]. Her 2020 debut album, “Songs For My Next Ex,” showcased her diverse talents and raw songwriting.

Relocating to Nashville in 2021, Charlotte began working with producer William Gawley, of Charlotte Avenue Entertainment, and released the poignant “Good Kind of Hurt” in 2022, addressing addiction and PTSD. This was followed by the folk-infused “Tennessee” and empowering “Your Number One.” In September 2023, her second studio album, “Wild Child,” made waves globally, resonating with audiences and charting internationally. With a new album already in the works, Charlotte is just getting started.

Beyond music, Charlotte adventures in her converted van with her pup, and is an avid crossword puzzler. Charlotte has been coming to Maine every year since she was born, joining family on North Haven island off of Rockland; one of the only positive parts of leaving every summer is that her family would stop in Freeport on the drive home, run around L.L.Bean, get ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s next door.

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