Cullen Jewelry Design

Residing on the coast of Southern Maine provides my vision with an endless changing of influence throughout the seasons. I design and hand craft distinctive & versatile jewelry and accessories. I am inspired by my surroundings such as the ocean and beach, leaves and textures, as well as shapes and patterns found in architecture and textiles, and incorporate a variety of metals, Maine beach stones, seaglass, gemstones, and beads in my pieces. I am a mom of 2 and a friend to many which propels me with the passion and open mind to foster my creativity. My early training in metalsmithing was from Cushing Academy in Massachusetts followed by Portland School of Art, now known as Maine College of Art, in Portland, Maine. I have been in business since 2010 when the loss of a family member inspired me to take another jewelry class after 17 years just for the fun of it. I accomplished just that and reignited my passion for the process of metalsmithing and satisfaction I gain from bringing joy to someone with a piece of art/jewelry. Creating something someone else finds beautiful, meaningful, or heart-warming, or if one of my pieces communicates for the wearer who they are or makes them feel confident, pretty, happy or complete – this is immensely fulfilling for me. It’s the perfect merging of passion, purpose and outcome.



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