My name is Melissa Berce, and I’m the artisan behind FlyingRubyBotanicals. I began creating soaps and skincare products for my family here at the tippy top of Maine in St Agatha, because I love homesteading, gardening, and nature. Where we live, nature is plentiful and life is simple. I wanted to bring that simplicity into our home and create all-natural products that I could trust and share with others.

It started with soaps, as they say, “they don’t make them like they use to.” Our artisans’ soaps are made the old-fashioned way, through the cold process, with minimal ingredients. What exactly are those minimal ingredients? They are palm-free, high quality oils and butters, therapeutic grade essential oils and plant based colorants. We decided to never compromise our skin’s health for the convince of synthetic colorants and scents.

From there I shifted my focus to finding ways to protect and nourish our skin during the harsh Maine winters. My husband is a 4th generation potato farmer, and once potato harvest rolled around his hands were always getting progressively dryer and then cracking. The products I’d pick up for him either didn’t work or were loaded with synthetic chemicals that I was trying to get my family away from using. I did some research and found ways to create botanical infusions using our nutrient-dense local plants to help boost the effectiveness of our skin care products.

This process continued to evolve, and I now carry an assortment of Maine inspired products that are thoughtfully curate with botanicals, many of which I personally grew or foraged. These products include serums, salves, body butters, zero-waste shampoo, and much more. Each one of our products comes in eco-friendly packaging because we care not only about the quality of our products but also about Mother Earth.


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