Nicole’s Art Room

Many years ago I was accepted to attend the Art Institute of Chicago.  Instead, and last minute, I changed my mind and enlisted in the US Navy.  Well, life happened as it does, months became years… and there was no time for art. In 2016, after 30 years, I found my way back to the canvas and began painting again.

Although I’ve had no formal art education, with today’s technology, I’ve taken full advantage of online courses and tutorials offered by some talented and knowledgable artists over the past few years as I develop my own style. My favorite medium is acrylic, but I’m starting to dabble in gouache and think this may become a close second!

I’ve recently started with daily paintings and have found joy in creating smaller pieces. If I’m not working on a daily painting, then I’m working on a larger painting or learning new techniques, but I make sure to paint something every day. Not out of necessity, but out of the enjoyment and peace it provides me.



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