Patti Trygg – Patti’s Machine Quilting

I have been sewing since the age of 5; taught by my mother who stressed to me that the garment I was making ‘has to look as good on the inside as it does on the outside’. I made my first quilt while in high school with scraps of every kind of fabric and tied it with yarn. I continued making quilts on and off and learned how to machine quilt in 1998 on my early 1950’s 301 Singer Slant-Arm machine. In 2000, I bought my first Gammill Longarm quilting machine and started quilting quilts for customers. I have since bought a computer-guided longarm, and still quilt for other people. My profile I make custom machine pieced &; machine quilted quilts, tote bags, table runners &; wall hangings. My style is somewhat a combination of eclectic &; traditional. My pieces are usable &; washable. I like vintage fabrics such as bark cloth &; feed sacks &; use them in my products whenever possible, I pay great attention to detail; I LOVE pockets in tote bags! All wall hangings have a ‘sleeve’ on the back so they are ready to slide onto a rod &; be hung. I also make custom quilts to your order.



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