Saint Crispin Leatherworks, LLC

Saint Crispin Leatherworks was providentially gifted to us from a desire to bring to life the ideas and creations in our imaginations and share them with all of you. Our focus is to fashion enduring, high quality, functional yet striking leather and textile goods that are show-stoppers and conversation starters. Our intention and passion is to create these high quality, handcrafted goods here in Maine to use our talents to bring our creations to life and tell our unique stories.

Our leathers are each beautiful in their own right and have their own original and unique variations in texture and color and the natural grain. Natural hides have subtle healed scars and scratches and brands, which we believe adds to the beauty and originality.

In a world where more and more consumer goods are mass produced in cookie-cutter fashion, we take pride in handmaking items that express the joy we receive from the tactile nature of working with leather and fabrics. Our love of the beauty and unique nature of leather has instilled a passion for combining that love with unique and vibrant materials.

Thanks for being part of our journey!

Wendy Therrien & Sandi Litchfield
Mother & Daughter




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