Sampo Silver Studio

I started metalwork when I was 16 at the Watershed School in Camden for two years, eventually studying with a local jewelry silversmith. After college, I started Sampo and quickly began working with local master craftsmen like Ettienne Perret and Michael Good. I now work for a company called Maine Metalsmiths (Formerly Nancy Linkin Designs) as well as continuing my own business. I consider myself both a silver and goldsmith as I make jewelry with classic goldsmithing techniques and utensils and hollowware with traditional silversmithing techniques. I usually feature stones and pearls in my jewelry, made with both gold, bronze and silver. Most of my work is focused on a specialty technique called anticlastic raising, which has a rich tradition in my home of MidCoast Maine. My anticlastic earrings and cuffs are inspired by topological and sculptural shapes that arise from pushing the limits of what anticlastic shapes can do, while still preserving their graceful fluidity and harmony. In particular I enjoy making earrings with knotted forms and several rolling loops and curves. I also make spoons, knives, forks and cups from copper, bronze, and silver.




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