Spartan Sea Farm

Leo and Ken Sparta of Freeport, Maine with their partner, Jes Heil, started a new venture in 2019. Currently, Spartan Sea Farms has oysters, scallops, quahogs, and kelp in the water.

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Be sure to visit the members of the MAINE FAMILY SEA FARM COOPERATIVE at Oyster Alley during the Freeport Fall Festival. These six family-run businesses raise a combination of oysters, scallops and kelp just a few miles from Main Street, Freeport. Purchase directly from the farmers and indulge in a dozen freshly shucked for lunch or a snack. Spend a few minutes talking with a sea farmer and learning about how their crops are helping to keep our oceans healthy! Get started earning check-ins on the relaunched Maine Oyster Trail towards fun swag like beer koozies and hats. Plus, get the scoop on Visit Freeport’s plans for THE MAINE OYSTER FESTIVAL! Save the date for June 24 – 26, 2022 right here in Freeport, Maine.


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