The Womps

Friday, October 6 from 4 – 6 pm, L.L.Bean Discovery Park Stage

Funky New England-formed fusion jam band The Womps is a band that’s unique in its innovations, and familiar in its roots of the old jam scene. 

Divide and Conquer has called them a band with “craftsmanship, filled with love and good ole-fashioned elbow grease.” The Womps communicates with other musicians and audiences what they term “a strive to make each show unique through collective improvisation, soaring harmonies and engaging songwriting.” 

Leaders of The Womps Jason Lilly (drums, guitar, and vocals) and Kailey Zercher (violin and vocals) are performers who inspire performers of all ages to become, like themselves, “their own creators, no matter what others tell them is or isn’t possible.” 

They have appeared at the Marshfield Fair, Jamaica Plains Porchfest, and StART on The Street in (Worcester, MA) festivals, among others, and at many famous music venues, including The Lizard Lounge and Nietzsche’s in Buffalo. The Womps have also played in legendary nightspots, such as Ghenghis Cohen in LA, and The Stone Church in New Hampshire.  They were also artists in residence at Fury’s Publick House. 

The Womps has performed or collaborated with Ben Taylor, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, Hawthorne Heights, and Pitti Hecht.



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