Tide and Isle Co.

Inspired by the elements of nature, with a touch of decadence.

Tide and Isle Co., established in 2019, creates coconut wax candles and health/beauty products in Freeport, Maine. A few years ago, I began to search for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce the number of synthetic (and toxic) products I was using. One of those paths guided me to making many of my own personal care products, as well as candles. This slowly expanded over time, and now I’m excited to share these products with you!

Tide and Isle Co. is just that, a lifestyle. It comes from my affinity to the ocean and its ever-changing moods, being conscious of the tides, ebbs and flows. I always try to incorporate the shades of the ocean and blend nature’s palette with simplicity and elegance in the vessels and packaging. Lastly, using beautiful, reusable bottles and jars to help support eco-friendly measures and environmental consciousness, because we need to show our Earth some love.

All of my products are made to order in small batches with an emphasis on organic, high quality and food grade ingredients. I strive to make self-care products that are not only effective, but a little decadent. I also believe that taking pleasure in life’s small moments and creating a space you love is important.

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2022 Makers on Main Dates: 

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