Explore Freeport’s Heritage Trail!

June 5, 2020

Explore Freeport’s Heritage Trail!

Heritage trails, like guided walking tours, bring history “to the streets” and engage a wider spectrum of the public than other history-related programs. This program provides Freeport Historical Society with an opportunity to bring their Collections to the public and reach a greater audience.

In terms of its history, Freeport has successfully reinvented itself a number of times, from its abundant fisheries and forests, shipbuilding and trading, shoemaking and now retail and tourism. This rich past provides us with innumerable opportunities for history-telling.

Eighteen handsome signs comprised of compelling historic photographs and descriptive and interesting text tell the stories of notable people, architecturally significant structures and landscapes, and key events that shaped our community. Audio recordings have also been created for each Freeport Heritage Trail location. Local Freeporters lent their voices to the project and provided additional details, personal stories, and insights.




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