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Freeport Community Services – The Pine Tree Pantry: Growing, Preserving, and Raising Food in Your Maine Backyard

May 17, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

Freeport Community Services (FCS) and Balsam Realty are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new free lecture series, Maine Roots: A Journey Through Gardening, Foraging, and Conservation. This series aims to inspire, educate, and empower the local community to embrace a more sustainable and rewarding lifestyle by exploring the fascinating world of growing, preserving, and raising food in Maine.

The first of this free public series, The Pine Tree Pantry: Growing, Preserving, and Raising Food in Your Maine Backyard will be held in the Bradley Room. It will feature experts on the following topics:

Cultivating Success: The Best Food Cultivars for Maine’s Climate — an exploration of the most suitable fruit, vegetable, and herb cultivars for Maine’s unique growing conditions, led by Master Gardener Theresa Kelly of the Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Harvest for Hunger;

Preserving Maine’s Bounty: Savoring the Seasons’ Harvest All Year — an introduction to various food preservation methods, ensuring a year-round supply of homegrown produce, led by Kate McCarty, Food Systems Professional, University of Maine Cooperative Extension; and

Feathers and Fresh Eggs: The Joy of Raising Chickens in Maine — a guide to the rewarding world of backyard chicken keeping in the Pine Tree State.

We invite individuals of all skill levels, from gardening novices to experienced homesteaders, to join us for this captivating series. The lectures will not only provide valuable information and practical tips but also foster a sense of community and shared passion for Maine’s natural resources and the environment.

For more information about the “Maine Roots” lecture series or to schedule an interview with the organizers, please contact Jonas P. Werner at 207.865.0123 or [email protected].

Freeport Community Services
53 Depot Street
Freeport Maine, 04032

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