Antimadder Art

Antimadder Art specializes in handmade, artist-quality watercolor paints. The name “Antimadder” is a play on the words “antimatter,” like the material made of antiparticles, and “madder,” like the reddish pigment and dye made from the madder plant. It reflects Laura’s love of science, art, and all the ways the two intersect.

From her home studio in Gray, Laura makes each paint color in small batches, using a glass slab and muller to combine ethically-sourced pigments with her handmade, plant-based watercolor binder. When creating themed watercolor collections, Laura often draws inspiration from the colors of Maine; some of her current and upcoming collections are inspired by fall foliage, winter sunsets reflected off snow, and ripening wild blueberries. She hopes these themes spark creativity for everyone. Whether you’re brand new to watercolors, a professional artist, or somewhere in between, Antimadder Art aims to support your creative journey with highly-pigmented, locally-made watercolors.



Makers on Main 2024 Dates:
June 1
July 6
August 3

Location: Meetinghouse Arts


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