Armstrong Pottery

I strongly believe that functional items should be beautiful. These objects are meant to create joy in everyday moments and become part of other people’s lives. Through the creation of functional ceramics I aim to turn them into something more, something beautiful and unique that becomes a special part of anyone’s day. This notion drives my desire to create work that, simply, is just damn cool. Through my pottery, I explore traditional making techniques such as wheel throwing and creating dynamic, decorative surfaces. My hand painted surfaces are enhanced through the use of sgraffito and mishima which are historical surface techniques from Japan and Italy. This allows me to create added dimension, texture, and detail in each image. These decorations are influenced through traditional American tattoos, folk art tapestries, organic plant life, and animals. Emotion, beauty, and functionality are the driving forces behind my personal practice. Regardless of who you are, Armstrong Pottery is for the full-time badass in everyone.



Makers on Main 2024 Dates & Locations:
May 4: 115 Main St, Visit Freeport
September 7: 22 Main St, West & Main


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