Blue Dahlia Designs

I’m a wood flower florist running my own small business out of my home studio. Flowers are a passion of mine but like most people, I hate watching them wilt and die. As I was preparing for my wedding, I wanted to do flowers that were sustainable and would last forever. I stumbled upon the craft of sola wood flower making and I haven’t looked back since. I not only created all the flowers for my wedding but I’ve now created flowers for countless other couples getting married as well as anyone who wants flowers for their home or for gifts. The flowers in my arrangements are made of sola wood (from Thailand and India), they are hand crafted into different flowers and then hand painted in any color, either to mimic real flowers or to match specific color requests.


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Makers on Main 2023 Dates:
May 6
June 3
August 5
September 2

Makers on Main 2023 Location: Freeport Village Station



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