Carole Storro Art

The last 25 years have been dedicated to teaching students about the arts and now, in this next chapter of my life, I am a full time artist in Maine. The process of making art is a joyful experience for me. My process starts out with an abstract approach. I am inspired by the beauty I see in light, forms, colors and shapes in nature. With an open minded approach I layer color with playful brushstrokes using many art tools. Just as in life, we must often embrace change, I welcome the transformation from one layer to the next.

Once these backgrounds are mostly complete, I decide on the foreground images. Birch trees are my absolute favorite subject matter as well as lake sunrises/sunsets and florals. I often enhance colors and composition to capture a moment or feeling expressing the joy I experience in the world around me.

In the challenges we face each day, my painting is a way to keep me focused on the good that can be found in everyday moments. Whether you own a one of a kind mini painting, archival print or an original oversized canvas that I have created, when you display one of my artworks in your own home, I hope it offers you a daily reminder of the good that today brings!



Makers on Main 2024 Dates:

September 7

Location: 135 Main St


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