East Coast Kids

Hello! My name is Kayleigh Hajny and I own East Coast Kids. I started my small shop after I left my career to go through IVF treatments. I grew from making mouse ear headbands, to bows and accessories before settling in to do what I really love, making clothing! I still love to provide bows and accessories in a variety of different styles, as well as handmade clothing for children. I choose to have the majority of my fabric custom printed so I can provide unique prints and styles. I also have a mix of natural fiber fabrics so I can cater to all families and preferences. In my small shop I sell prince and princess wands and tiaras, bows, hair clips and mouse ears, among other small accessories. I also sell many different clothing styles like rompers and dresses, but my customer favorite is definitely big, Cher-style bell bottoms.

Website: https://eastcoastkids.myshopify.com/

Social: Facebook or Instagram



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