Inside Firewood


I moved to Bowdoinham in 1977 to take a job at BIW. After a career in information technology, I sought a new outlet for problem solving and found my woodpile. It turns out that chunks of wood that are too gnarly to make good firewood can be transformed into art. I have found an artistic home in the Bowdoinham Guild of Artisans. I display at local arts walks & festivals, the Guild’s Holiday Sale and at the Maine Crafts Association’s Portland store.

Artist Statement:

Helping firewood discover its inner beauty My work varies from small to large and from useful to useless. Each piece is unique; carved in a free-form manner to be visually attractive from any perspective; many can be displayed in multiple orientations. I particularly enjoy exploring the lines, grain and texture hidden inside gnarly chunks, such as burls, crotches and gauls. I carve Maine hardwoods, such as apple, ash, beech, birch, cherry, lilac, locust and maple. Each piece is smoothed to be fondled, sealed with mineral oil and finished with beeswax to be food-safe.

Send me your burls and I will set them free.





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