Kids Arcanum

Kids Arcanum was created in the midst of the early pandemic. We ran a free, all ages, after school club at Rowe Elementary in Portland that focused on the fantasy genre. Our goal was, and still is, to inspire kid’s imagination through crafting, gaming, story telling, song, and art. We still do this through the school PTO and other nonprofit orgs via one off crafting events where we volunteer our time and energies. Our flagship product is the Crafty Quest Box, which is a culmination of local creative talent, with original story and art. This is a quest that a child undertakes to create a character and complete 5 missions from the story. This is done through various crafting activities along the story arc. We’re very proud of our work and the sequel is in pre-production now. We also create homemade magic wands, dragon egg kits, fairy house kits, gnome homes, and fantasy themed shadow boxes. We are constantly crafting new fun things for kids and we have more ideas brewing. HUZZAH!


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