Maine Photo Inspirations

I’m a native “Maine-iac” in my early 70’s. My photographic journey began in 1968 and continued professionally and an avocation through much of my life. These days I like to contribute photos and reviews to Google Maps as a Google Local Guide and Master Photographer. My images have received over 6.5 million views since 2019.

Typical Workflow —
– I take the photos.
– Edit them on my software.
– Prep them to either PDF or TIFF files for printing.
– Most of my images are printed in Brunswick on a very high quality commercial copier, using special paper that I supply.
– I also send images to Pictorem, in Montreal, to produce archival quality prints for framing.
– I matte and frame most images.
– I also mount some images directly on wood that I pick up from any source that fits my vision….lots of scraps and some that’s purchased, if it fits the idea.

My images end up in frames, on boards, as note cards and, later in the year, calendars that I…
– design
– print locally
– spiral bind and finish by hand.
There is no part of my work that I do not personally invest myself in.


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