Maine Soap Company

About Me…
My name is Jess Johns and I live in the beautiful State of Maine with my husband, 2 little boys, and 4 cats. I grew up in a rural mountain region and settled into coastal Freeport with my family a few years ago. I thoroughly enjoy my summers living in Old Orchard Beach, the ocean is good for the soul! I created Maine Soap Company to capture the natural beauty of Maine based on my adventures and fond memories. I’ve really poured my heart into these creations and I hope you enjoy!

How I Got Started…
Life was crazy busy with a young family and I felt like I needed a creative outlet. I started dabbling in all sorts of bath and wellness products basically replacing anything we purchased into something I could make for our family. This hobby spread to sharing products with my friends and family and really enjoying the feedback. I felt like I was onto something and that this little hobby could be something more. In 2018, I started an official business and feel thankful for the opportunities it brings everyday. I’ve been able to explore my creative side while meeting wonderful people across the country. What started as selling a few soaps here and there has turned into having my soaps and various products sold in shops sprinkled across Maine.

I work with my Grandfather whom makes all the wooden soap dishes for my shop and is in charge of shop production. He slices soap, fills jars with sugar scrub and body butter, and labels products. Together we manage Maine Soap Company and have a lot of fun!

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