Marc Lamm

I work with wood like a painter works with oils and a sculptor works with stone.
My art portrays an optimistic spirit and the growth that comes from it. Its organic nature has a calming influence while the designs encourage thoughtful consideration of the concepts and themes I portray.
I want people to participate in the experience of my art. If they move laterally, the change in perspective seems to move the lines that cross ridges and valleys. As they approach the piece, soft contours appear like ripples on a lake. If the light source changes, shadows change with it like a landscape as the sun moves across it. If they touch my art, they’ll feel the smooth undulating surface. (The modified tung oil finish, normally used on high quality furniture, will not be harmed by repeated gentle contact.)
My art is made of solid wood and all the colors are of the wood itself. No stains or dyes are used.
I recycle almost everything. Long scraps become strips and short scraps become pegs.




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