Mermaid Ink

Having lived in Maine most of my life I know what it takes to be a hard worker and bare the elements at the same time. Most of my adult life I have owned and operated a post construction commercial cleaning business for 21 years. During those years I also apprentice on a commercial lobster fishing vessel with a local five generation lobsterman in Freeport ME. After long days hauling and logging the necessary hours, I then earned my commercial lobster fishing license. Although, I don’t fish as much now I have huge respect for mother nature and the beauty of colors that surround me while at sea. One of the things I enjoyed seeing was how a lobster buoy could be used or repurposed. So many are found on the coastal waters beached ready for the next beachcomber to collect and be displayed as a decoration by their garden or hanging from the side of a barn or simply adding color to their door step. At Mermaid Ink, my vision was to bring these buoys to a different level of beauty by adding a variety of inks and acrylic paints to these buoys to show off its shape and uniqueness. My process involves in the first step, envisioning the art in my mind. From there I imagine what my art will look like and then begin the process of bringing the art into existence. I specialize in buoy lamps and buoys on recycled rope. These unique decorations make for the perfect coastal decoration in your home, office, garden or wherever. I have created many colorful designs that inspire and captivate one’s eye. No two are alike. At Mermaid Ink, I am passionate about art and design. More so my love for creativity inspires me with the hopes to inspire others. I love to create unique and beautiful designs. I want the passion of my art to fuel my audience’s imaginations with a connection that brings them to a deeper understanding to human emotion. I believe that art and design have the power to make a difference in the world and I strive to use my talent to make a positive impact. I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and the sea and now in my later years I have turned those passions to creating these unique buoys into lamps and buoys on rope for all to enjoy a colorful decoration in their humble abode, office or wherever your peaceful place may be.



Makers on Main 2024 Dates:
May 4

Location: Visit Freeport, 115 Main St



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