Moonglow Lavender, LLC

I am Jill, the one who started this journey into a lavender life and Moonglow Lavender. I am a mom, wife, occupational therapist, and small business owner. We are your typical family. Busy with school and sports activities, work, home life, and other adulting responsibilities.

For me, the dark days of winter usually bring about thinking of how to keep busy or a new project. Moonglow Lavender started with my need to grow and nurture a useful crop to share with the community and beyond. Lavender has many benefits and has been used for centuries for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties for washing and healing wounds. The lavender scent has been said to bring calmness, and studies have shown it to improve attention and memory.

Our field is located in Wayne, Maine. The microclimate of the south facing field and sand is perfect for growing this lovely and versatile Mediterranean perennial.

Our product line includes personal, home and culinary items. Products are made in small batches, with simple and natural ingredients and packaged in Earth friendly containers. Our English lavender is used for our culinary products of tea, sugar, culinary buds and seasonal mulling spice; home products such as our lavender and Maine balsam carpet fresh and our personal products including bath salts, body powder and sugar scrubs. I am continuously creating new or updating established products. This year’s goal is to expand our culinary products and to utilize my favorite variety of Vera in sachets and eye pillows.

Moonglow Lavender is…
Simple, sustainable, and natural lavender goods for you to experience joy, peace, and
well-being in every day.


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