Ocean Fire Pottery

I have always loved playing in the dirt. And I have always loved the concept of functional art. My work has evolved over the years, changing with each experience, yet the foundation remains functional, with my own nature-inspired, graceful style.

With every piece I strive for the harmonious balance of function and beauty, whether it is in a sturdy, generous serving bowl that mimics a hand-turned Shaker piece; a custom-carved platter that was your favorite wedding gift; or a refined tea bowl that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

The pottery I make is earthy and substantial, designed and created to be used and enjoyed. I want each piece to be special, but not limited to special occasions. I create simple forms with natural colors in hopes of evoking serene, effortless emotions from the user.

In my own kitchen cabinet, I see the story behind each hand-made plate, cup and bowl: the artist, the person who gave it to me, or the place where I first came across it. It is a brief, subconscious thought that enhances the moment.

I like the idea of people using my pieces every day, to transform an ordinary experience—having a bowl of cereal or mug of coffee—into a peaceful moment of quiet celebration.

Contact: [email protected]

Website: oceanfirepottery.com



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