puckerbrush llc

We enjoy a small farm and the process of building a specialty food business that focuses on locally sourced products. Each of our delicious food products features hand grown, hand gathered and handcrafted flavors, many unique to New England. We practice organically, with no pesticides used on our crops, including our berries and fruit trees. In addition to our own grown offerings, we are avid foragers, adding wild grapes, American Plum, Queen Anne’s Lace, elderberries, chokecherries, and other unusual offerings. We are the grateful caretakers for 21 beehives in our apiary, and ten acres of shrub based farming on our own homestead. We are not a huge commercial apiary spread across multiple locations—we’re able to enjoy our bees and the beautiful mountains of northern New Hampshire behind them from our back deck!

Social: https://www.instagram.com/puckerbrushnh/ or https://www.facebook.com/puckerbrushnh/


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