Simply Tilton

Simply Tilton was created as a creative outlet while in graduate school, and since then it has grown into a small business! Much of my work is inspired by nature, either in the shape/form of the pieces or the colors I use. My work includes polymer clay earrings, resin jewelry, and other functional resin artwork. I enjoy mixing materials and many of the available polymer clay earrings include a mixture of metal with a pop of color from the clay. These pieces are timeless and can be worn for a variety of occasions. The resin jewelry I make is unique in the fact that every piece contains a real flower. The flowers are dried and then “frozen in time” in resin. The resin creates a glass-like look and you can see through the parts of the pendant surrounding the flower. Many different flower types (shapes, sizes, and colors) are used to create these resin jewelry pieces. Lastly, Simply Tilton has recently expanded into functional floral preservation pieces. These pieces include but are not limited to candle holders, book ends, trinket trays, coasters, etc.


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