The Modern Herbalist

I always loved hearing the story of a beautiful old crock that sat in my maternal Grandma’s southern kitchen. It was used by my great grandfather to make moonshine. My paternal great-grandmother was the local healer in her community- attending births, offering folk remedies for ailing families and holding hands with dying neighbors.

I cherish my family legacy of wildcrafting, gardening, supporting the local community by serving with wisdom and love.

Herbalism is part of my family history but it is also this beautiful idea that women can be glamorous everyday, living simply & healthfully. We are a modern crunchy company. We create alternative health products. We celebrate living as clean as possible, honoring the plants that were created for nourishment and medicine. We grow them in our gardens and harvest them using organic practices. We only support companies that use fair trade practices and sustainable farming. We are extremely passionate about purity and only use ‘beyond organic’ essential oils.
Our children, our homes, our spouses and our bodies are the most important tangibles and we want health & long life in a beautiful package. Let us do the hard work so you can look and feel wonderful, knowing you have self reliance and strength in spades.
Modern MoonShine.
Shine On.



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