The Moon’s Cache

I handcraft jewelry from semi-precious stones and copper, sterling and brass. I specialize in family pieces, celestial adornments and personalized Zodiac creations. I also have many chakra pieces for alignment and balance along with an aromatherapy line to use with essential oils. The moon is my muse and you will see it in many of my pieces. I am blessed to receive divine guidance and I often get special messages on specific pieces that will help individuals on their journey. I am grateful for this. This year I have added some special pieces that I make for suicide awareness and prevention. I donate a portion of the proceeds to the JD Foundation and to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I do this in memory of my son, Henry.

Contact: [email protected]

Makers on Main 2023 Dates:
July 1

Makers on Main 2023 Location: Freeport Village Station


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