Thirty Acre Farm

Introduction to Thirty Acre Farm

Thirty Acre Farm is a MOFGA certified organic vegetable farm that has been producing lacto-fermented
foods since 2005.

Thirty Acre Farm discovered fermentation when Simon Frost, founder & co-owner encountered a harvest so bountiful, it begged the question “How do we preserve it all?” Since that day in 2005, TAF has expanded its fermentation knowledge and expertise, grown its product portfolio to 11 fermented vegetables and 5 hot sauces, and increased its farming and production capacity significantly. Annually, we cultivate 14 acres of mixed vegetables and produce tens of thousands of gallons of fermented foods and sauces in our newly constructed 6000sqft facility in Bremen, Maine.

We take pride in being ‘Farmed & Fermented in Midcoast Maine’ and Certified Organic. We celebrate being ‘seed to jar’ with 95% of the ingredients in our ferments grown on our farm. We have a wide variety of great tastes and textures (i.e. Sauerkraut, Curried Caulikraut, Dill Pickle Kraut, Hot Kimchi, Hot Sauce…) which are proven to have far reaching health benefits from the natural probiotics created during the lacto-fermentation process. Thirty Acre Farm products can be found in ~200 retailers across ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, and NY as well as at local farmer’s markets. As we look to scale and expand beyond New England, we believe the Freeport Fall Festival will help us reach new audiences from across the U.S.

To learn more about our history and who we are, please view the Winter 2023-2024 Maine Organic Farmer and Gardener (




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