Tidal Force Creations

My products are designed to be appealing and durable for use on an every day basis all while made from environmentally friendly materials. I embroider eye-catching Maine, nature, and nautical inspired themes on cork fabric coasters (backed with wool felt) and wool felt can koozies.
I chose cork because it is a marvel of nature – soft, durable, and resistant to both water and heat, making it the ideal material for coasters. Sourced sustainably from the bark of cork oak trees, harvested using methods that promote tree regeneration, each tree can live for an impressive 250-300 years! Likewise, wool felt is also an amazing natural material. Unlike most materials that can koozies are made out of, the 100% Merino wool felt I use to craft my koozies is entirely biodegradable with no toxic synthetic dyes.

Website: https://www.tidalforcecreations.com/

Social: https://www.instagram.com/tidalforcecreations/ or https://www.facebook.com/tidalforcecreations/

Makers on Main 2024 Dates:
May 4
June 1
July 6
August 3
September 7

Locations: Freeport Village Station


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