Tuff Kookooshka Studio

In designing my line I try to capture the inquisitive, fun, playful, whimsical nature of childhood. I love to combine different textures, colors, shapes and notions like hand braided pigtails and hand cut flowers. Everyday I strive to be as close to Zero Waste as possible. I use my fallouts in my appliques and smaller items like headbands and hats. I use locally made fabric, luxury wools, organic cottons, sustainable bamboo rayon, and faux furs. I draw my inspiration from the beautiful nature here in Maine and translate it through my Russian folk art schooling. All my designs are fully functional, made to last and be handed down to siblings, cousins and friends. Lately I have been delving into more and more adult garments using found and recycled textiles as my base and embellishing my garments with appliques, and sashiko embroidery.

Website: https://kookooshka.com/

Social: https://www.facebook.com/tuffkookooshka or https://www.instagram.com/kookooshkakids


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