Tulip Pottery

I began working in clay many years ago to accumulate professional credits for my teaching certificate and quickly fell in love. I spent my summers in classes and workshops spending as much time as I could learning and developing my skills. After twenty four years of teaching middle school I decided it was time to pursue my dream job as a potter. In 2021, I joined a great community of artists at Running With Scissors in Portland, Maine and haven’t looked back.
I throw the clay, both porcelain and stoneware, on a treadle wheel then alter my pieces before firing to cone 6 in an electric kiln.My work is both functional and decorative. My pieces are inspired by the delicacies found in nature. I incorporate the graceful movements, colors and textures of nature into my work. Flower petals, ocean waves, clouds, tree leaves, shells and the wind all influence my work.

Website: http://www.tulippottery.com 


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