New England Distilling

  • Address
    26 Evergreen Drive, Unit B
    Portland, Maine
  • Phone
  • Hours
    Monday-Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 10-6pm

New England Distilling. Premium Rye Whiskey, Gin & Rum are Produced by Hand Based on 150 Years and Six Generations of Family Tradition.

New England Distilling is open for tours and tastings starting on the hour Monday-Friday 12-5pm, Saturdays 10-6pm. Tours cost $5/person and include a tasting. No reservations necessary!

New England Distilling feels very strongly that technology has its place and so too does history. Distilling is one of those crafts that offers a unique meeting ground between history and technology, art and science. There is no doubt that amazing spirits have been produced on the simplest of pot stills as well as the most high tech column still. When we create something, we want to get close to it, get our hands on it and get involved; we’d rather turn a valve than press a button. We believe that every valve turn, every flame adjustment, and every bucket poured adds to the final product like a brush stroke. At New England Distilling we blend history and technology, with a little more history maybe. You see it in our art work, in our distillery and experience it in our products.


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