Portersfield Cider

  • Address
    255 Elmwood Road
    Pownal, ME, 04069
  • Phone
  • Hours
    Wednesday - Saturday 2 p.m. -5:30 p.m.

Our plantings include over 225 varieties of modern and heirloom apples, plus dozens of other fruits and berries, many in danger of extinction and unavailable in the commercial nursery trade. It takes years of patience to collect these fruits, raise them in the nursery, transplant to the orchard, and press and ferment. We’re now seven years into this project, ready to share our knowledge and first harvests in small-batch ciders available only at our farm tasting room.

We’re a small family farm that produces less than 2,000 gallons annually. Our focus is quality, not quantity. The ciders we produce are fully dry, lightly bottle conditioned, and blended with food pairing in mind. We believe that much like wine, the best farmhouse ciders should be enjoyed with good company and a good meal.


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