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Sherman’s Book Stationery Store was founded in 1886 when William Sherman set up his printing press in a storefront in downtown Bar Harbor. Throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Bill Sherman kept his printing press busy by printing Bar Harbor’s local newspaper and smaller jobs for local residents and Bar Harbor’s summer visitors. In addition he sold books and office supplies from his Bar Harbor storefront.

In the mid-1900’s, Bill Sherman’s four daughters took over the business. By this time the printing press part of the business was minor. The emphasis had become the books and stationery. In 1962, the Sherman sisters sold the store to Michael & Patricia Curtis, who had recently moved back to their hometown Bar Harbor. On their first day in business, a snowy day in January, the store took in only $12, not much to feed a family of 6! But Mike Curtis came home that night with a big smile on his face. When asked why he was so happy after a day of such poor sales, he explained that people had come in the store all day long asking for things he didn’t have; he knew that all he had to do was fill the store with the right merchandise and the store would prosper.

Over the next 3 decades, Mike and Pat Curtis grew the small store into a Bar Harbor landmark by doing just that. Whenever a customer would ask for an item that wasn’t available at Sherman’s or other Bar Harbor stores, the item would be added to the store’s growing inventory. This approach resulted in a unique store which stocks a full selection of books displayed alongside extensive selections of stationery, journals, office and art supplies, greeting cards, toys, housewares, gifts, Maine mementos, and jewelry.

In 1989, a new generation entered the business when Jeff Curtis opened Sherman’s of Boothbay Harbor. Building on Mike and Pat’s experience & success in Bar Harbor, the Boothbay Harbor store has grown over the years to 2 large floors which offer shoppers an eclectic shopping experience ranging from the full bookstore on the second floor to the upbeat toys, gifts, souvenirs, housewares and stationery on the first floor.

In 1998, Jeff brought Sherman’s to Freeport. Located in a new building on the corner of Main and School Streets, Sherman’s of Freeport has successfully transported the fun and unique shopping experience of the Bar Harbor and Boothbay Harbor stores to Freeport. Sherman’s has grown over the years by listening and catering to our customers. Our customers have rewarded us with incredible loyalty and support. Many of our year-round customers have been overheard to wonder aloud how they would get by if Sherman’s were not open 362 days each year. Repeat summer visitors to our resort locations often report that Sherman’s is the first stop many members of the family want to make upon arriving back the next year.

There are now 6 Sherman’s Bookstores along the Maine Coast:
 *Bar Harbor


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